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Credit Issues

Some of the Credit Issues We Can Assist with Are:

  • Debt Validation and Dispute Services – to verify ownership, balance amount and correct dates of a debt (collection or original creditor). The goal is ensure that the creditor has a legal right to report and collect payment for a particular debt. If they do not, the account must be removed.

  • Credit Planning for a Mortgage-help with collections, credit score enhancement and settlement of complex accounts if needed to qualify for home financing.

  • Post Short Sale Credit Reporting Errors-many times we see errors on credit reports after this type of real estate transaction. They can be complex and must be addressed immediately.

  • Post Bankruptcy Credit Report Errors-where accounts are not properly listed as “Included in Bankruptcy” and still report negative or derogatory information on the credit report. That situation can continue to harm a credit file and credit scores.

  • Complex Credit Issues Requiring Settlement– for consumers who are unable to qualify for Bankruptcy due to high income or assets. We have relationships with asset protection attorneys to assist us with creating a plan to protect assets along with working with creditors to resolve the debt issues and restoring credit profiles.

  • Legal Judgments, Credit Card Settlement and Tax Liens-we can handle both settlement and the updating of the credit report(s) on these types of public record or charged off accounts.

  • Medical Collections– removing erroneous and duplicate medical collection accounts, especially when the consumer had medical coverage and was sent to collections in error.

  • Establishing New Credit Accounts-a very necessary step for both building and correcting credit files and credit scores. You cannot have a credit score without credit.

  • Individual Coaching/Consultation– a productive, in person meeting to discuss issues and obtain answers along with solutions for a specific concern(s).

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