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Debt Issues-Credit Card Debt

We keep this subject simple...Credit Card Debt can feel like it's crushing YOU and your CASH-FLOW every month!

With so many options on how to tackle debt, you need to make sure that you have the correct information upfront.

In other words, some solutions that "appear" good may actually have negative effects for you and your credit!


Furthermore, not all advice may apply to you, your family or short/long term goals. There are many solutions out there, but WHICH one is the best for you and what are the "side-effects" of that solution? We offer a "sit-down" review that covers ALL of the details. We need to talk about which plan or solution is best for you before you take action with the debt.

Here are some possibilities for overwhelming debt concerns:

*Bankruptcy (Chapter 13 or Chapter 7)- Legal dissolving of debt. My advice, hire an Attorney...don't do this yourself!

*Debt Settlement- Can be a great option but there's details you need to know about....  Call us!

*Debt Consolidation- This can be loans or "lumping" debt into a management plan. Good and bad side-effects.

*Just Plain Old "Default"- I see this all the time, but usually not by design. Some side-effects and things you need to know.

*Borrowing From Retirement- Ask yourself...Why would I want to do that? Probably not a good idea. Call us for help!

So as you can see, all of these may be a good option but you need to know the details and how they fit into your world.

There are factors such as income, assets, family size/structure and future goals that all have to be reviewed before signing up for "some debt program". Call us for an appointment. We don't discuss the solution until we review the strategy.

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