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Are You "Sold" On Your Process?

Happy 2012! Let's dig into our business beliefs and ask some questions for this New Year.

In any process, there must be belief and commitment. The first sale must be transacted with ourselves and with the understanding that we are "sold" on what we do and what we offer.

We must feel that we are offering the best solution available for a client, along with the best experience possible. Demonstrating the passion that you have about your business ensures the client that you are the right choice and you are "sold" on what you do as a professional. Play back a recent experience that you have had with a client and ask yourself four questions:

  • Did I create a dynamic solution for my client?

  • Did I create a unique experience for my client, to not appear like my competition?

  • Did I give them a clear direction of the process, what to expect and where to find additional help?

  • Would that client refer me to others based on that experience?

Are you "sold" on the answers you gave above?

Harry Snedden

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