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Credit Is More Than A Score, It Is a Life Story.

I always believe every person’s financial life is a story. With story structure, there is always a character that transforms throughout the story. Each story has external and internal problems that each character must confront. In our industry for example if a person has a low credit score, then they may have difficulty buying a car. That is the external issue. The internal issue is that they cannot provide for their family because their job requires dependable transportation. Or the same with a mortgage loan for a home. Most people do not care about the mortgage itself as long it is favorable terms; it’s the home they wish to buy for their family that offers comfort and stability. As credit using consumers, we realize that life events can reflect on a credit report. Whether it is a time of hardship such as divorce, job loss or health issues, a credit report always shows the struggle. The credit repair industry (especially the large online companies) does a great job of marketing better credit scores, but does that marketing address the “why” of the process. What does that better score bring? How does it enhance their client’s life? Is the client more knowledgeable about the process so they can avoid future harm? Basic finance understanding is still scarce in society today, so people need personal help and direction when confronted with a problem. Personal coaching of solutions is the tool to their successful story ending. Our process at ScoreCrafters allows us to visit with a client and learn their story. We review what has caused the concern, and then create a plan of resolution. One thing we have learned is the goal of our client is always bigger that the credit score or credit files itself. The credit file and better scores are tools to our client for a brighter story of life. Any professional service has to appeal to both the external and internal need of a client. Don’t forget, the internal need is the goal trigger that allows them to take action on their part too. As professionals, it is our responsibility to help them create a new story in their life.

Harry Snedden

ScoreCrafters, LLC

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