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Are "Free Consultations" Really Helpful?

Not every professional “consultation” is the same. Most “free" consultations are a sales pitch to get you to buy or sign up for a service. There’s not much real exchange of information or any level of “coaching" involved.

If you call a “big box” credit repair company, they are asking for your debit card in the first 10 minutes. Why is this? It is because most credit services offer a “one-fits-all” dispute service. You pay a monthly fee and then they mail letters repeatedly. What is the point? We know this doesn’t solve all the credit file concerns. However, I am positive all those monthly fees are GREAT for the credit company! Also, most of the online services are not cheap. They range from $99-$189 per month. They do not provide any completion time frame. So, are you paying the monthly fee for 90 days or 19 months? Why would anyone sign up for a “recurring fee” service with no end in sight?

Every person has a different challenge when it comes to their credit file. Solutions MUST be fitted to each person, and they MUST be specific to the goals they are trying to achieve. We charge for a consultation, because we make the experience a high value session that empowers a client to fully understand THEIR situation and then have a choice on how to proceed. For almost 15 years, we are the leader of credit advice and strategy in Central Florida. Choose wisely the service you hire to help with your credit. You are not buying into the “process”, you are seeking the result! ~Harry

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